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~JW, mom of 5 year old

Not only do I believe or feel that Amanda healed some wounds in my heart but brought to the surface some things that only I was aware that apparently needed repairing...Do you need to be open in body, mind & heart for this type of body and soul-work, it does help.  But clearly, I do not even think I was prepared or ‘ready’ to revive some of the work that presented itself for healing. Mind-opening breakthroughs. That is the beauty of healer, Amanda. Being open and intuitive and connected to source on a deeper layer than we may have access to. I had some notions of why I sought Amanda’s help. What I received was far more than I anticipated and incredibly insightful. 

~Jennifer, Shamanic Healing Client

That lifts my spirits...That's all I really wanted, was the opportunity to give it a try without that stacked against me. I'm instantly more hopeful and empowered. Thank you.Thank you so much for allowing me the space to be vulnerable and helping me get back to me. Thanks for doing what you do.

~Arturo, Shamanic Healing Client

Amanda works so hard and we appreciate her so much! I can tell how much she cares about and respects my child, even when our sessions are difficult.

~Mom of 3 year old

My session brought clarity to my healing and compassion for my past experiences.

~Lisa, Shamanic Healing Client

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